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Lucy Animation Studio is an award-winning 2D animation studio based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our founder, Silvia Prietov, is an award-winning director, animator, and educator of animation with over a decade of professional experience.

We believe that good design makes the viewer see something, but great design makes the viewer feel something. Lucy Animation goes beyond the aesthetic. Our speciality is weaving in our clients’ ideas and inspirations to make animation come to life. We are the studio that does not take your vision lightly. We are the bespoke team you have been looking for to craft your concepts into unforgettable experiences.

Lucy’s one-of-a-kind visual flair stands apart with a distinctive synthesis of vivid colors, fluid movement, and stylish characters.

Over the last six years, we have had the great fortune of working with high-profile international clients to develop content for narrative, commercial, music video, and educational content.

Our satisfied clients include Bento Box, Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network, Sony, TED-Ed, and Red Tail Entertainment. Together we have accomplished incredible results and amazing content, with rave feedback.

Our women-led studio is composed of seventy hard-working staff members, allowing us to take on large amounts of work at a time. We value teamwork, inclusivity, and career growth by fostering a collaborative work environment at all levels of our organization and stages of production.

We offer a complete service at every stage of production including animation, concept art, storyboards, animatics, design, animation assistance, and composting. Our production team is capable of creating three to five minutes of animation per month, based on the service, technique, and style of the project.

The Lucy Animation Studio workflow is centered on our client’s requests and feedback at every stage of the animation process, allowing us to maintain the integrity of the client’s vision while delivering outstanding high-quality productions.

Our award-winning studio has received accolades from several festivals and contests including Chilemonos (2021), Animation! Annecy Award(2021), “Pitch Me the Future” Cartoon Network (2020), and more. At Lucy Animation Studios, we are passionate about building worlds of magical realism and fantastic stories to delight audiences across the world.

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